Of Dreams and Shadows

A gateway strong enough for my army will soon open. Then, all shall fall within my shadow.
An abomination. A nightmare made flesh. You will know soon enough why I am the monster in the dark.
I will be free of this curse. Free to pass on. Even if it means the world above must end.

An Immersive Story, a Shared Experience

Explore a magical world that will lead players on a journey from the underworld ruins of a long-dead people to the heart of untamed forests where otherworldly creatures dwell. Of Dreams & Shadows is a cooperative board game for up to six players who take on the role of Champions embarking on a quest to save their realm. As they direct the actions of their Champions on the game board, players will also participate in a collaborative story. Scenarios introduce encounters and conflict, which are resolved through passing a test or making a choice. The consequences advance the storyline and drive a unique experience as part of the story changes based on each outcome. Failing a test could have dire results such as receiving one of several types of debilitating Afflictions. Many Scenarios will also present players with a moral dilemma where a decision could aid their cause, but not without sacrifice.

  • Samhain
  • Unclear Path
  • War of the Fae
  • War of the Fae
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Rhaler sat cross-legged upon the cold stone, occasionally shifting to keep his muscles from cramping. He was positioned on one of several large rocks that were placed in a rough circle and partially covered in thick moss. Several rays of pale moonlight pierced through the dense forest canopy, giving a faint glow to the mist that blanketed the ground.

He had been sitting there for hours now, waiting patiently for his friends to arrive. Wrapping his hooded cloak tightly around him for warmth, Rhaler reflected upon the chain of events that brought him to this place. Ever since the Change took him, the life he used to know was gone forever. He could never go back to his family and friends after what happened. If he did they would try to kill him or, more likely, flee in terror. That thought partly struck a chord of sadness in him. The part that was still human.

His stomach started to rumble. An aching, gnawing feeling began to spread from the pit of his belly. Rhaler tried to ignore it and focused on the usual sounds he would expect from this place; the chirping of insects, the call of an owl, the rustling of leaves as other nocturnal denizens prowled through the nighttime darkness. All the noise seemed dampened in this corner of the woods.

He glanced around at his immediate surroundings with a contemplative look, then turned to a neighboring rock and studied the faded runes traced upon its smooth surface. The stones were actually all part of an ancient structure that was hidden beneath the moss, leaves and earth. It was a remnant of a forgotten age. Rhaler found it somewhat amusing to think that it must have stood there for countless years, unnoticed by villagers and farmers who only lived perhaps a day’s ride away. Though there was good cause for why very few would ever enter these forbidding woods. In the past there were those who bravely or foolishly entered. Some never returned. None ever witnessed it, but people whispered that this place was haunted by vengeful spirits or beastly monsters.

He smiled appreciatively at the large stone with a warmness that didn’t quite reach his golden eyes, but eventually lost interest and turned his attention elsewhere. As time wore on, it became more difficult to ignore the hunger building up. He began to idly play with one of the many long-bladed knives that covered his leather-clad torso. Rhaler hummed a soft tune that he recalled hearing as a child; the gentle, haunting notes barely carrying to his own ears. He cut off abruptly as movement from below caught his attention.

Wolves emerged from the nearby brush. They were far larger than any normal ones; their size more closely matching that of large bears. Silently, they loped up to where he sat and circled him. Golden eyes peered up towards him expectantly.

Rhaler slowly grinned at them. “Yes, I know....I'm hungry too.” He slipped out of his clothes and leapt from the rock. The form that landed on the soft ground was that of a gigantic wolf, twice as large as any of the others present. It was covered in jet-black fur and its fangs gleamed ivory in the night as it emitted a low growl. “It's time to hunt.”

Combat Feat: Flank.
Combat Feat: Sidestep
Spell: Heal
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Minimum Age: 14+2 to 6 players120 minutes of play time

About The Creators

Gordon Alford has been an avid gamer since the ‘90s and loves roleplaying, card and board games. His favourites are Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Legend of the Five Rings. He also plays massively multiplayer online games with a heavy focus on realm vs. realm, under the call-sign “Kiamar”.

Of Dreams & Shadows is a fully self-funded project that has been in development since early 2014. Gordon’s goal is to create a cooperative board game with an interactive story and strong roleplaying experience. He has recruited the artistic talents of Matt Forsyth and Steven Preisman to bring his game world to life.

You can reach Gordon via email.

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